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Important things about freedom

Not much that I tend to say or share is really important. This is.

#Belarus #Freedom #FreeBelarus

UPDATE: To those who read this later, especially the future generations idolizing and worshipping me, I want to make clear that I didn’t refer to ice-hockey, nor do I think intra-European problems are the only things awry in the world. I am angry about human evilness, and feel powerlessness about it constantly. I believe it’s good to pass all knowledge, I’m just usually incapable of doing it. Also, I’m a wimp that’s afraid of the possible consequences of my opinions and actions in some distant future. And that’s how evil works. If I lived under a regime, I’d be one of those quiet ones that were wishing for change but didn’t dare to stand up for common rights.

So, I salute you, The Heroes Of The World, who risk their own, families’ and friends’ lives and well-being for the better!

Additionally, I don’t want to be preachy, as my main way of making a better world is to entertain, so I’ll mostly keep on stomping that path. It’s occasionally good to raise awareness, though. You can do it, too.

Nobody had criticized this posting, but I decided to anticipate and protect myself. That’s how we pussies work.

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