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Darkness is my only sound guy

I recorded some backing vocals for a legendary Finnish thrash act’s upcoming album last night. It was the first time I did it alone, and it was fun! The joy may not be clearly visible in the picture here. And, well, I missed Tupi’s dry humor a lot. [start unpaid advertising] Ofisio‘s Viiking Music Podcast/Vlog …

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Ofisio – Viiking Music Studio

Testasin (amatöörimäisesti ja pikaisesti) Ofision Viiking Music Studiota. Tää on kivaa! Seuraavaksi teen jotain todella erilaista. Järjetön suunnitelmani on jo valmis. Hienosti rakennettu studio, muuten! Selvästi ammattilaisen, jopa neron työtä! Kyllä, minä sen olen itse suunnitellut ja kasannut. Lisätietoa huoneesta osoitteessa Lokakuun loppuun asti ensimmäisestä studiovarauksestasi 20 euron alennus! Käytää kassalla koodia STUDIO21 …

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Important things about freedom

Not much that I tend to say or share is really important. This is. #Belarus #Freedom #FreeBelarus UPDATE: To those who read this later, especially the future generations idolizing and worshipping me, I want to make clear that I didn’t refer to ice-hockey, nor do I think intra-European problems are the only things awry in …

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Tarantulas and cardiac ablations

Kauppaan hämyni halvalla: To everyone that’s been wondering if I’m alive: Apparently I am. If you feel special due to me ignoring you, don’t. I’ve ignored everyone. I’ll try to tell you more about nasal surgeries, neurogenetic disorders, mold in houses, etc., if I survive the cardiac ablation the next Tuesday. The odds are …

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A custom guitar pedal for yours truly?

Looking for: A guitar pedal maker for either a Demilich branded distortion pedal or a single handmade item. I have fallen in love with my combination of Boss HM-2 and DS-2 blended together with Xotic X-Blender. It’s problematic, though, as I have to carry all that metal (as in material) around the world, reassemble the …

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An assisted suicide, by yours truly

(Samma på English below) Puhelin päätti syöksyä kuolemaansa eilen aamukahvilla. Hän siirtyy tänään polille, ja palailee toivottavasti perjantaina takaisin töihin. Jos ei, viimeistään alkuviikosta. Minut tavoittaa siihen saakka siis vain seuraavilla vehkeillä:–––– Talomme summeri Ohessa viimeinen kuva, jonka kamera otti automaattisesti osuessaan lattiaan. #nofilter Everything below by Google’s amazing Ms Singularity: The …

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Two microphones staring

Two microphones staring at me. Very uncomfortable.

My view on Demilich’s gig tonight. Hopefully with a bit more of you, dear people. And even the less dear ones. You’re welcome this time, too. Place: Ravintola Ottopoika (62.8911095, 27.6737804)Address: Kauppakatu 40-42, 70110 Kuopio, Finland #Demilich #Beyerdynamic #Ottopoika #Kuopio

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Bubble-wrapping like a pro!

An image of Äx owner in bubble-wrap

Congratulations to the company I’ve been a customer to (for 20 years), worked with (for 18 years), and been an employee to (for 13 years)! Let your spirits flow for another 20! #levykauppa #äx #levykauppaäx #levykauppax #recordshopx #kosanderi #kuplamuovi