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The Undisputed Heavyweight World Champion in Sleeping

The train to Paris only took 5 h 45 min, and the trip went surprisingly fast. I realized I had started to lose the final restraints in travelling alone, and going through the Paris Métro (the underground), with connections and all, felt very normal and easy. I wandered a while trying to find the hotel, again, but this time I knew I’d eventually find it, and didn’t worry or start grabbing the laptop for checking the street map out. I had had my South and North reversed, and found the hotel in the right spot after returning to the Métro station. The welcome was warm, and the room was cozy. I thought of waking up early, but couldn’t help watching more stuff on my computer until 5 AM.

The next day – yes, you got it – was spoiled with sleeping again. I woke up every now and then, saw a dozen different dreams, was woken up once by reception as they wanted to know if I want my room cleaned, but it wasn’t until 9:30 PM when I hopped up finally. Great to spend money on a hotel night and miss a full day in Paris.

I suppose this sleeping thing is all because of the fact that I haven’t had a proper vacation in 1,5 years, and I’ve been rather stressed out and been doing too many things at the same time, all the time. I think I haven’t relaxed for ages until now. I don’t feel sleepy at all, I just sleep. So, even though I’ve missed three full days on this trip, I take it as a good thing. I feel better than I’ve felt for a long time now.

Anyway, I decided to get back the day I had missed, so I booked another night in the hotel. I also needed to eat something, and went out to do so in a restaurant nearby. The food was simple but awesome, and the employees were great.

I will have two clocks ringing tomorrow. Let’s see if I’ll see Mona Lisa this time.

Some local sausage with potato. Looks like shit, tastes like “damn good”.

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