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Travelling around Europe + notes to the fans/friends/foes living there

I will be travelling alone in Europe from December 5 to xmas. I’ll hit Palermo (Sicily) first, and continue wherever I want to go. I will most probably start getting to North Italy, then to Spain, and eventually fly closer to home (Paris, maybe) where from I will be interrailing back home. Still, apart from Palermo, I have no plans set.

I will post in this blog about the next destinations and the trip in general.

If you want to suggest where to go and what to do, please do so. I’m also willing to meet fans and friends wherever I roam, so feel free to come and talk to me, or add requests in comments of this blog or in Facebook. My plan is to relax, read and write, but talking to like-minded people would be very nice, too.

Oh, and if somebody knows what I could do in Riga (Latvia) at 23:30, December 6, please drop a note. Otherwise I will be having a beer or two somewhere and will go to my hotel in the old town.

-Antti Boman, Demilich/Winterwolf


  1. Moi, paidat tuli, siistejä, kiitti. Jos oot Italia-Espanja välillä pysähtymässä, niin tuu käymään Paulhan-nimisessä suurkaupungissa.


  2. Turkka: Hieno homma, tänään päivällä mietinkin, onko paidat perillä. Jos Paulhan on tuo, joka on Montpellieristä länteen, se tulee todennäköisesti olemaan reittini varrella, ja silloin kyllä käyn morjenstamassa! Laitan infoa miten kävi!

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