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And now for something completely different.

Almost two years ago, on my birthday, Jussi Lehtisalo (of Circle fame) asked me to do vocals and guitars for the album that Pharaoh Overlord (of Circle fame) had recorded a couple of years earlier. I promised to try my best, and spent the next six months doing nothing about it, as usual. Finally, Jussi …

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One of the proudest moments of my life

A photo of well aged people

Here you see my death metal band, Demilich, in Baltimore. On left of me you see Tom. Tom likes our band, and came to see our gig there. Tom is a musician, too. He’s a founder and the bassist of this little rock group called Aerosmith. The last 12 months have been so, so strange …

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(Hopefully) the final little update

As my flight from London was canceled, and I couldn’t get another one before xmas, I decided to try to get to Brussels (Belgium) and fly from there to home on Thursday. Tomorrow morning I will travel to Dover, take a ferry to Calais (France), and the take trains to Brussels. I don’t know how …

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Paris, je t’aime (despite the rain)

After sleeping the whole day, I couldn’t get sleep until 6 AM or something. When I was supposed to get up, well, I just got up this time. I can be surprising like that! It took a while to get things done, though, as I’m not the quickest person alive when I’m tired. I also …

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The Undisputed Heavyweight World Champion in Sleeping

The train to Paris only took 5 h 45 min, and the trip went surprisingly fast. I realized I had started to lose the final restraints in travelling alone, and going through the Paris Métro (the underground), with connections and all, felt very normal and easy. I wandered a while trying to find the hotel, …